What makes losing a tooth such a big deal? The consequences include gum and jaw bone recession and the drifting of adjacent teeth. A gapped smile changes how both you and those around you view your personal appearance. What can you do about the gaps in your smile?Dental Implants

Explore the dental implant. Dr. Bharat Singh Dulat and his associate dentists at Dental Designs in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offer this modern tooth replacement option to fill the spaces in your smile - permanently and beautifully. Plus, the dental implant encourages the strength and density of underlying jaw structure.

Sounds too amazing to be true? It's not. The dental implant has been around for decades and offers patients:

  • lasting beauty
  • natural speaking and eating
  • freedom from dentures
  • longevity and stability
  • a success rate as high as 98 percent (according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry)

Placement of a Dental Implant

The dental implant fills an empty tooth socket with an artificial root made of titanium, and it completes a smile above the gum line with a perfectly designed and crafted crown. Surgically placed into a precise hole drilled into the jaw, the implant melds with the bone through a natural process called osseointegration. After several weeks of healing, the implant is attached to an abutment, which supports the porcelain crown. Then your Winnipeg, MB dentist completes the procedure by adjusting fit and bite.

The Versatile Implant

Dr. Bharat Singh Dulat and his associates, Drs. Monica Arora and Eraldo Batista, offer dental implants to patients in good general health and who are free from gum disease or other oral health problems. If a patient lacks sufficient jaw bone density to accept an implant, your Winnipeg, Manitoba dentists employ bone augmentation procedures to build a solid base.

Implants serve to replace one or more teeth, to anchor bridgework, or to support fixed or removable dentures. Patients testify that their implants look, feel and function just as though they were natural teeth. Perhaps best of all, they simply smile more once they feel confident in how great their smile looks.

Dental Designs

Dr. Bharat Singh Dulat and his team invite you to achieve your best possible smile. They pursue excellence in general dentistry so that your oral health and appearance shine for years. Would you like a one-on-one consultation to discuss dental implants or another dental service? Call Dental Designs for an appointment: (204) 888-3384.