Testimonial 1

"I have been a patient of Dr. Dulat's for about three years now. My experience has been excellent. I appreciate the punctuality of the appointments and the warmth of all the staff. Instead of dreading going to the dentist, I actually look forward to the visit. I commend Dr. Dulat for his commitment to keeping up with the always advancing technology. I also appreciated his patience in explaining my options throughout the orthodontic procedure. My teeth before the procedure were terrible, and now they are so perfect that my confidence in myself has increased dramatically. Thanks for the continually warm and knowledgeable service."

Dentistry Student
University of Winnipeg


Testimonial 2

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth", is a well known children's song yet throughout my young life, all I wished for was two "straight" front teeth. New technology, the talent and the gift Dr. Dulat offers, made this a reality for me. I have been a client of Dr. Dulat for more than 10 years. His dedication to his craft, his ability to ensure you understand all procedures and his strong customer service keeps me coming back. He is a dentist that is truly there for me!"

President, Legacy Bowes Group


Testimonial 3

I started going to Lombard Dental about 15 years ago after multiple bad experiences with other dentists. From the first appointment I knew that they were unique. They respected my time and managed their schedule to keep their appointments instead of keeping me waiting so they can maximize their daily revenue. They even took ownership of managing my insurance arrangements as my advocate. No surprises that the quality of treatment was always top notch and balanced to my needs and finances. After a few years my entire family chose to be his patients. My kids grew up there and received necessary orthodontic treatment that was timed to maximize results. Quite successfully! To this day my children look forward to going to the dentist and have no negative associations. The highly competent staff have always been friendly, caring, and professional. A call from Lombard Dental is a call from a friend.

Information Security Office


Testimonial 4

" Wowza! What an impressive difference. Thanks for all the great work from everyone at your office!!"

Whitening & Veneers


Testimonial 5

"I am happy with the detailed way that Dr. Dulat explained everything that he was doing for me, or the advice he gave me and I am very happy with the end result of my procedure. I know he cares about his patients and I would recommend him to everybody!"

Retired Mechanical Technician
Had 3 front upper crowns placed


Testimonial 6

I have been a patient of Dr. Dulat's since 2008. I needed significant work done on my teeth. I had a very old bridge that needed replacement and my bite was causing my teeth to wear down. So I had my top teeth capped. I'm very happy with my smile now and my bite has been corrected. Dr. Dulat is a perfectionist. He makes your smile look as good as possible. The staff is great, very friendly and professional.

Upper crowns and veneers


Testimonial 7

Our family has been patients of Dr. Dulat's for many years. Dr. Dulat and his staff always go out of their way to accommodate us whenever we have had to get in for a quick appointment. The professionalism and service of everyone in the office is great!! Thanks Dental Designs, you guys are the best!!!

Business Owner


Testimonial 8

"I've been seeing Dr. Dulat for many years now, and am very happy with my dental care. The staff and services are top quality, and the office has a very nice and relaxing ambiance to it. It ALMOST makes going to the dentist fun!"

Business Owner


Testimonial 9

Thank you so much for giving a smile to be proud of. Your patience throughout my procedure cannot be faulted and the time it took was worth it. You are the best dentist with the best staff. I am always welcomed with smile and very well cared for. I would also like to point out your amazing office decoration and design that always impressed me when I walked into your office. Once again, thank you. You have made me so happy and I am going to tell everyone about you. You're the BEST.

Front two crowns


Testimonial 10

'I've been a patient at Dental Designs (formerly Lombard Dental) for almost 20 years. Most people dread going to the dentist, my experience has been completely opposite, I thoroughly enjoy going. Here are a few of the many reasons:

  • From age 0 – 19, my daughter has never been reticent to go to the dentist for minor or orthodontic work, it's always been a positive experience

  • Dr. Dulat and his staff are acutely aware of patient comfort, I can honestly say that I liken the experience at Dental Designs to getting a massage; I almost fall asleep in the chair

  • I had a 'snaggle' tooth that was challenging to find a solution for that did not involve killing the tooth, Dr. Dulat is always familiarizing himself with the latest techniques/technology, he pondered how to fix that tooth for many years – advising of my alternatives and suggesting I wait until technology caught up, it eventually did and now I have a perfect natural smile

  • The front staff are exceptionally professional and personable, work is performed to an exacting standard and they actually phone to let you know if they are running behind

From reception to conclusion of every visit, the quality of work and patient experience is second to none.'

Business Owner